Miami-based Venezuelan artist Johanna Boccardo has an ample creative career that includes fine arts, editorial illustration, product design, as well as urban street art. 


Through the masterful use of different media, she explores the application and interaction of color sequences to develop abstract ideas and concepts at various levels of non-literal meaning.

A different time, another world

I grew up in a small colonial city in the Guayana region of Venezuela along the banks of the Orinoco river. A lot of my childhood was spent at my grandparent’s house, a magical place where the exotic and the familiar mixed, where rainbow colored birds and butterflies would visit us, where every plant and animal exploded with vivid color. Life was intimate, personal, and private.


A Floridian soul

My family has always had a very close connection with Florida and I knew one day I would call it home. The opportunity to move here came when I undertook my art studies at the Ringling School of Art in the idyllic Sarasota Bay. The sharp light and kaleidoscopic hues of South Florida combined with its rich diversity of cultures and characters resonate deeply with me on a daily basis.

Self exploration through art

After more than a decade of working as a professional designer and illustrator I felt the need to create for creation’s sake. I wanted to experiment on projects that had no deadlines or commercial purposes. I began working on small paintings where I explored color and texture. Gradually the pieces increased in scale and ambition, in some cases taking me from the canvas to physical installations and work with non traditional media.


The value of privacy in a post-connected era

At a certain point of this journey I felt the unease of revealing too much of myself. Understanding the fine line between complete freedom and vulnerability led me to camouflage details in my pieces. This choice has given my work a deeper dimension, a richer look and an intriguing quality – each artwork reveals new details and new questions to the viewer over time.


The importance of collaboration

Today a lot of my output is the result of collaboration, whether it’s exploring inner worlds with private clients or augmenting public spaces for cultural institutions or companies. Art is how I contemplate and understand the blurred boundaries between real and virtual life and what is private or public.

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