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private life art experiences

The Private Life Art Experience is an antidote to the fleeting and consumable digital landscape, whose currency is constant public expression, increasingly diminishing the value of privacy.


Acting as an agent for sharing and preservation, I empower you in a collaborative process that gives space to your inner world.

Together, we will create a meaningful and personal artwork that captures that which is hidden, and poetically holds it, like no other memento you will find.

What should you expect?


Private Life Art Experience sessions are held at my waterfront studio in a historic neighborhood of Miami Beach and last approximately one hour.

*Custom location available as well.


In this relaxed and sensory atmosphere, I invite you to select from a range of original, colorful watercolors on archival paper, which serve as your canvas to share your thoughts, ideas, and to go free, expressing yourself using colored ink over the existing pigment.


After each session, I apply additional media to the surface to finish the piece, prior to it being delivered to you within three to four weeks.


The session can be done individually, or shared with one person, a family, or group – depending on the intention, and is an experience that is both directed by me, as part this specific body of my work, yet is completely open to the stories that each person wishes to share.

Pricing is based on the size of the work.

Request pricing schedule.

Frequently asked questions:



  • What is an art experience exactly?
    It's so much more than just purchasing an art piece for your collection! You become an important part of my creative process by interacting with your painting. I invite you to share your innermost thoughts in the paper, that I will later cover with paint so they remain private.

  • I am not particularly creative, or an artist myself. Does that matter?
    Not at all! Do not worry about having to perform artistically on paper. That is my job. I will guide you in a way that will make you feel extremely comfortable and safe to express yourself in whichever format you want (writing, drawing, etc..).


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