An inspiring foray into Merida and the Yucatan jungle.

I have been in love with the Mayab and its reaming force since the first day I set my feet on its ancient ground. We (not as in The Royal We, but as in my-companion-and-I we) were taking a trip to visit some friends and celebrate my birthday in the Riviera Maya.

It was a great time to visit, Tulum had neither become an epicenter of chaos and over branding, nor had it had its infamous attack of seaweed waves yet. It was summer, low season and, most importantly, quiet. Work and pleasure would take me to Yucatan many times again after that great first visit, but until this moment I had not explored beyond the Eastern shores.

Last November I found myself packing up for another visit to the land of aluxes and its vast short jungle. I would be working on art direction for a photoshoot taking place in Plantel Matilde, the equivalent of Superman's fortress of solitude that mexican artist Javier Marin built for himself, just a short trip out of Merida.

The Plantel Matilde grounds, in the middle of the Yucatan jungle.

In the months previous to this trip, I had been putting all my time and efforts on a series of 4 paintings titled after the 4 elements: air, fire, water and earth. Each one of these pieces represent the forces behind each element, and the place that each symbol holds when translated down to palpable life.

It didn't take me 2 minutes to realize that this opportunity would grant me the privilege of bringing my paintings along for the ride. I figured that these were the grounds where these pieces should be documented for my own creative files, and also to further the story behind them.

Air: each one of our actions start with a simple thought. Even before there is an intention, there is a passing thought that if paid attention to will eventually become something more.

The element of air is light, luminous, and usually represented by the color yellow. It has a masculine energy, therefore it's associated with vertical shapes.

Light as a feather, this painting represents the element of AIR.

Fire: my personal favorite, fire represents the actions taken to turn an abstract idea into something substantial. It is flaming hot, masculine and sees no barriers at all. It is what you do the second right after getting that gut feeling.

To me fire is blind, it's pure passion and it's the domain where visions of greatness take place.

Masculine and detached from boundaries, the element of FIRE represents pure passion.

AIR and FIRE: thought and passion.

Water: this is the realm where emotions live. In all creation comes a point when attachments are made, when we become rooted and closer to anything that is making its way into our world. This is when we make connections, attachments, and realize the meaning of our previous actions and thoughts.

Water is feminine energy, horizontal and free-flowing.

The WATER element is the feminine in all of us. It represents our attachments and emotions.

EARTH: this is the element of the palpable, the result of ideas put into actions. Another one of my favorite elements, it represents the remarkable, unmistakable and plentiful stages of creation.

Earth is feminine, horizontal, filled with abundance and it relates to my favorite color: green.

The plentiful EARTH element.

WATER and EARTH: emotion and formulation.

Each one of these pieces were created in 100% cotton paper, by a technique of layering watercolor, color pencils, ink and acrylic paints. They were displayed during Art Basel Miami Beach 2019 in my studio to visitors and private collectors.

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Doing my job as art director for Odabashian rugs and Javier Marin.