Barcelona close-ups

"Wipe it really clean! We don't want to get it at the beginning of our trip." - that was our conversation as we boarded flight AA112 from Miami International Airport, my hands moving vigorously all over my seat with a bunch of lavender scented disinfecting wipes.

In the midst of COVID-19 virus spread across Northern Italy my travel companion and I had agreed on keeping our original travel plans untouched. Instead of stressing out over the distorting news I saw everywhere, I chose to pack my camera and fly to Barcelona, one of my favorite mediterranean cities.

I must confess that I have a soft spot for this colorful, surprising and fun city since the time I resided there a couple of years ago. The scale of the city, the rhythm of daily life, the shiny sidewalks at 6:00 PM, its perfect cerulean blue sky... these details awaken in me a sense of closeness to humankind and its sloppy existence like no other place I've been.

Armed with my new 50 mm lens and in harmony with the fact that I have zero photographic skills, I set myself to bring back home a narrow selection of images that would inspire me later on.

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