Missing someone so much it hurts?

My mom hasn't been able to visit my sister and her 3 grandchildren for months.

Those little monkeys are the light of her life. I've seen how blue she feels when we talk about making future plans to reunite the entire family again. Who knows how long it will take before we're able to do it.

Her biggest wish would be to hop on a plane tomorrow and squeeze so hard their eyes pop out!

Ok, maybe it would be my nephews squeezing my mom and making her eyes pop-out. Those rascals...

Even though we've been fantasizing of air travel for weeks, we know that it's going to take a while until we cross the Atlantic.

My sister's football team, not too long ago.

Our family consensus is that we'll keep our saucy conversations on Whatsapp mode at least for another season (we unoriginally titled ours "Family chat").

This situation reminded me that I worked on a series of MINI PAINTINGS a little while ago. They are not fully finished pieces, and they were created EXACTLY for situations like what we're living right now.

Mini painting full of messages and inner-jokes.

These MINI PAINTINGS are created to express love to someone special who is not there with you.

Without even asking my mom, I sent one of these her way and told her that she could write any messages she wanted to send to my sister and the kids, and I would then finish the painting for them.

I painted on top of her (mostly illegible) handwriting and created the most symbolic art piece of this quarantine! A small and cheerful painting that marks this moment when our family couldn't be together in person, but were together at heart.

When crazy-Covid times is over this painting will be a symbol of how close we were as a family, and it will make us feel like heroes that got through this crazy time.

I just mailed the painting. It's heading their way now. Flying across the Atlantic to Barcelona on a mostly empty plane.

You can reach out to your dearest ones and surprise them. A unique art piece created just for them with your own words.

It would be an honor for me to create a unique mini painting for you and your family members (or special friends). A tiny painting that will carry your thoughts, your words, your handwriting, your jokes, and everything in between.

Limited availability.

Click here to get your mini painting.

Personalized MINI PAINTINGS. Fill them with your thoughts and wishes.

How does it work?

1- You choose the best base painting for you, and I mail it your way.

2- You write anything you want on it! Anything, it is your territory to express yourself.

3- You mail it back to me (using the envelope I will provide).

4- I finish your painting and send it to that special person.


1- You send by email everything you want me to include in the painting.

2- I will write your words on it, and even transfer any drawings you attach to your email (previous collectors have chosen this method for their large scale commission paintings).

3- I finish and send your painting to your special person.

Click here to get your mini painting.

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