Scandy + West Coast style = exactly how I want to live.

Updated: May 11

When I first met interior designer Monique Miller and her husband and teammate Gustaf at my Miami Design District studio I immediately knew that our aesthetics were a match made in sub-tropical heaven.

Monique was on the lookout for the perfect art pieces that would help define this Miami townhouse's young and fresh look. After looking together at some paintings we decided on this mixed media piece titled "Scale" that is part of a series that I worked on in 2015.

Simple and minimalist with natural wood tones, that is the vision that CALIMIA HOME offers to their young clients both locally and in Savannah, where the company was based before coming back to South Florida.

As a second art piece for this home we went with a limited edition photograph titled "Travel Vlogger", printed in metallic paper. This photograph was first exhibited during Miami Beach Art Basel 2018, on a group show titled "Mis.Placed".

"Travel Vlogger" is part of an on-going project titled "The Miami Time Machine" that I started a couple of years ago with the intention of capturing snapshots around Miami's most iconic neighborhoods that are on the verge of gentrification. "Travel Vlogger" was shot in Little Haiti.

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