Sunrise session, no. 1.

Wake up and smell the ocean.

I was actually not fully awake when I took a short walk from my home to the beach. The streets were still pitch dark, and I was carrying my bag of tapes, a camera and tripod, yawning all the way.

That is all I needed to warm up for the summer pop-up tape sessions.

My plan is to create a series of small tape installations along the beach between July and August.

Since the city Mayor announced that our beaches are open I've been talking long walks in the mornings and late evenings. It feels like it has been ages since we were able to do something like this.

This morning, July 1st, I was tape-bombing a stack of sun loungers I had seen the night before. I arrived to the beach before the early risers were there for their morning paddle-board, yoga or meditation sessions.

An early riser catches the sunrise.

I kept this first installation short. They take a much longer time to produce than it seems at first sight.

The loungers need to be wiped with rubbing alcohol before I can stick any piece of tape on them. I like to keep the color placement very spontaneous, and in this case balanced all around the surface.

The next one may take place at the end of the day in a close location. I feel more inspired by the fading sunlight than dawn, or maybe more energized by it. There's also that incandescent effect that the sunset brings into my tape work that no morning can match.

No tape residue is ever left behind. Once the work reaches its lifespan, in this case 1 hour, everything gets removed and taken back to the studio.

Minimal color application to further de-contextualize the objects.

Cruise ship returning to port after spending the night on the water.

An empty beach that is starting to see some visitors.

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